Watch Former NFL Tennessee Titan and Pro-Bowl Receiver Derrick Mason’s Reaction to His 6 Minute Workout

We had a blast showing Derrick Mason around the gym! And even more fun seeing his reaction to the 10 minute workout – actually 6 minutes and 21 seconds of exercise and 9 minutes of total elapsed time!

Some of our favorite reactions:

  • “Is this the last one?!”
  • “It's like I did three sets!”
  • “I see why you only do it 10 minutes.”
  • “Goodness! Ah man! Yea this is a workout! I might not go to spin class!”
  • “It's that resistance, good lord!”
  • “You can do this workout in anything. Before your meeting you can say I gotta go get a quick workout. It's only 10 minutes.”
  • “That's a damn good workout!”
  • “I can go to sleep! Goodness gracious!”
  • “I'm surprised I can lift my water!”
  • “I think you will walk out getting your money's worth.”
  • "It’s a really good workout, in a short amount of time."