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Proteus: Build and Measure Strength With Every Movement

There's a reason Quantify is in our name, and with the introduction of Proteus to our evidenced-based data-driven smartgym approach, we're taking Quantification to a whole new level!


Only 5% of human movement is in a straight line. Proteus allows you to build functional and rotational core strength for the other 95% of movement you use going about your daily life or playing your sport.

Proteus also complements the isometric core postural strength you can build on AllCore360° by introducing core rotational movements.

With Proteus it is possible to build and measure strength and power for 100% of human movements for the first time ever. This is especially important as we age and experience a natural decline in strength and bone density if we don't do something to prevent it.


Proteus has totally reinvented resistance training, allowing you to build and measure your functional and rotational core strength in 3 dimensions, just like we move in real life, and including sport-specific skills and strength for athletes.

Even if you're not an athlete, your daily life involves twisting, turning, and moving in ways that Proteus can help you build your core strength like never before.

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If you are an athlete that plays golf, tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, football, hockey, boxing, lacrosse, or volleyball, Proteus allows you to train and measure your sport-specific skills to give you an edge versus the competition by inventing a completely new modality of resistance training called 3D Resistance: the ability to create an equal amount of resistance in all directions, with any multi-planar movement, like moving through water. Proteus allows you to build the rotational power you need to compete.

Because the resistance is uniquely constant, Proteus can measure strength throughout an entire movement and provide a full body strength report in under 3 minutes.

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bobby stroupe

Bobby Stroupe – Trainer to Patrick Mahomes

The Proteus System is unlike anything we’ve seen in athletic training. Already it’s made an impact on the ways in which I train my elite athletes but has massive potential to more broadly proliferate the training industry as a whole.

eric cressey

Eric Cressey – Trainer to MLB’s elite

Proteus has been an absolute game-changer for us at Cressey Sports Performance with respect to how we test and train rotational athletes. The word ‘unique’ gets thrown around far too often with respect to fitness innovations, but Proteus truly delivers a one-of-a-kind training stimulus that has had a profound influence on our ability to optimize performance and keep athletes healthy.

jason walsh

Jason Walsh – Trainer to Shaun White and celebrity actors

The versatility and application of Proteus makes it one of the most powerful tools I have in my studio. An incredible teaching, training and testing tool in one machine, for all populations of clients.


Training power and acceleration with Proteus’ patented 3D Resistance™ is safer, more efficient, and more effective than traditional resistance training tools.


3D Resistanceâ„¢ mirrors every movement to provide constant resistance no matter what direction you move. But unless you are moving in a straight line, it is impossible for resistance from traditional cable machines and free weights to stay constant throughout an entire movement.

2x Neuromuscular Engagement
Provides 2X neuromuscular stimulation compared to cables and free weights. Strengthens throughout the entire movement pattern – beginning, middle and end of any movement – for maximum efficiency.

2x Faster
Perform two exercises in the time of one with concentric resistance in both directions during every repetition.

Full Body Engagement
The heightened engagement of muscles prompts users to produce force from the ground up, and naturally adjust to discover their optimal movement patterns.

Adapts itself to your movements. When you stop, it stops. This unique resistance system has a low impact on joints and tissue.


Proteus software delivers the most personalized training insights in history, an entirely new standard for personalized fitness and physical rehabilitation, and more versatility, applications, and data than any product in the history of fitness.

Users can complete a power test in as little as 3 minutes to discover where, how, and why an athlete should train strength, power, and acceleration. This includes getting recommendations to optimize training. Focus the right training on the areas that need improvement.

Proteus provides a real-time report showing accurate measurements in power, imbalances, explosiveness, range of motion and many more that can be used to inform and back up critical training decisions.


  • Strength-to-weight scores
  • Strength-to-weight ranking versus the Proteus user population
  • Push-to-Pull ratios
  • Upper body vs. lower body power ratio
  • Left vs. right balance/imbalance
  • Unilateral vs. bilateral ratios
  • Power vs. acceleration
  • Power and acceleration rankings
  • Left vs. right comparisons for power and acceleration
  • Plyometric vs. non-plyometric power


One of the most significant considerations is understanding the relationship between an athlete’s strength and their speed. But what is normal? There has never been an accurate and practical way to quickly evaluate an athlete’s strength and speed across the entire body, particularly for multi-planar and rotational movements. We analyzed more than 1 million reps performed on Proteus performance tests and have uncovered new normative data, insights, and first-ever performance characteristics.

Download the PDF to see the first layer of these unprecedented findings!

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