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What is Your Body’s Preferred Source of Energy?

by Quantify Fitness | Last Updated:  July 8, 2017

The human body stores around 400g of energy in the form of glycogen – the stored form of sugar/carbohydrates (roughly 100g in the liver and 300g in the muscles).

A healthy male weighing 160 pounds with 15% body-fat is storing about 24 pounds of fat.

Which one do you think your body prefers to use for energy? The one that burns the fastest like kindling with 1,600 calories, or the one like a log-burning stove with 96,000 calories?

Consuming too many carbs results in carbohydrate dependence, making you constantly crave carbs and sugar to maintain your energy and never giving your body the chance to become fat-adapted. Keeping carbohydrates below 100g per day to control blood sugar and insulin, the hormone responsible for signaling the body to store fat, will keep you in the weight-loss sweet spot. Most people are eating significantly more carbohydrates than that. How many carbs are you consuming per day? Are you even measuring?

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No Calorie Cutting or Counting Required

You may lose weight in the short-term by cutting calories, but you'll also slow down your metabolism in the process, which means you'll likely end up putting on weight faster if you ever allow your calories to go back up. Millions of people are losing weight and improving their health by ignoring calorie counting and shifting the composition of calories from carbs and sugar to healthy fats.

Weight-loss is just a side-effect of having energy and feeling amazing all of the time!

A Note on Exercise for Weight-Loss

If you think jogging on the treadmill is going to make a big difference, think again. An easy jog may burn 100 calories per mile so this is never going to be a sustainable way to keep weight off. 80% of weight-loss happens in the kitchen. You've probably heard it before but we'll say it again, you can't out-exercise a bad diet!

And once you realize burning calories by doing cardio isn't an effective way to sustainably lose weight and keep it off, you'll realize the most effective type of exercise for creating the optimal hormonal environment for weight-loss and overall health is high-intensity strength training. 10 minutes of exercise per week without ever having to do hours of chronic cardio again!

This isn't some kind of fad approach to diet and exercise, it's simply aligning your life with the types of foods and movement our ancestors evolved with that is now being re-discovered and validated by science, research, and people witnessing it for themselves.

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