A 90 Minute Core Workout in 10 Minutes with AllCore360°

The AllCore360° is a core workout like no other. Train over 50 of your core muscles in this 10 minute workout by leveraging the force of gravity in a no impact, balanced, and coordinated fashion.

Your Core is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

A strong core is foundational to maintaining healthy and pain-free movement, and anyone from paraplegics to elite athletes can benefit from AllCore360°. We can customize the difficulty based on your ability for rehabilitation benefits or performance enhancement—and the built-in software allows you to track your results so you can measure the progress you're making on your core fitness.

  • Strengthen 50+ deep core muscles
  • Tone and define your core
  • Correct spinal imbalances
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce back pain
  • And it only takes 10 minutes!
STABILITY: Isometric small muscles
BALANCE: 360 degrees only strong as your weakest link
STRENGTH: Target deep core muscle groups
BETTER PERFORMANCE: Young, senior, athlete…

Most Riders:

The isometric postural strength you build on AllCore360° also complements the rotational strength you can build on Proteus.

If You Can Sit in a Chair, You Can Strengthen Your Core

The AllCore360° Experience


I love what it has done for my abs but even more I love that I have had basically zero back pain since I started 8 weeks ago. I’m sold.

—Jodi L.

After 30 years in the fitness industry I have never been this excited about the future of fitness. I am confident that AllCore360° can help everybody, regardless of their exercise history or past injuries. As a lifetime athlete, I understood on my first spin that there was no way I could mimic these movements in a gym setting.

—Robin Crespo, Fitness Dynamics

The AllCore360º machine is incredible for building core muscles to help stabilize the back. It helped me get off my meds. Recommend those with back pain give it a try.

—Linda G.

Why it Works

AllCore360° exists to empower patients, athletes, seniors, and everyday people to train their core muscles for improved performance and recovery in a new, more efficient way.

A healthy core is in a constant state of tone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To keep it trained—or to help it heal—it’s essential to build and activate the muscles regularly.

The AllCore360° is something that can help almost everyone: stroke survivors, spinal cord injury, chronic back pain sufferers, you name it. – Joshua Zottnick, MEd., ATC, CSCS

Each 360° rotation is like performing a 360° plank and promotes users to isometrically engage more than 50 core muscles while resisting gravity.

Your job is to stay off the cheat pad, stay in posture, and remain centered…The AllCore360° will do the rest!

The core is made up of dozens of muscles that start at the chin and end at the pelvic floor. Most core exercises strengthen muscles that only move in one direction. Your body is designed to move in multiple directions and AllCore360° activates core muscles in a balanced way. The machine is designed to provide strong core contractions that activate deep layers of muscle tissue.

allcore360 at quantify fitness

The human body has three primary imbalances that lead to poor posture and the bulk of back discomfort and injuries that we suffer as humans:

  1. Front to back—the muscles of our abdomen are weaker than the muscles of our back
  2. Dominant side—we're brought into the world either right or left-handed which means those sides are more dominant and oftentimes stronger
  3. A preference for turning clockwise or counterclockwise

After a month of using AllCore360° and combining the contraction of 2, 3, or 4 adjacent muscle groups as you rotate, you start to develop coordination. Muscles that fire together wire together. The end result is a stronger balanced core. AllCore360° will balance you front to back and right to left.


The AllCore360º is the single best piece of equipment to strengthen every core muscle in the body, evenly, safely, and effectively. This will help every person under our care whether they are rehabilitating from an injury, need stabilization to prevent future injuries, or just want to improve performance.

—Dr. Gregory Skye, Skye Chiropractic

I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like the AllCore360º. The science and biomechanics behind this remarkable device offers the ultimate bio-hack, which will take sports performance to another level. It will also significantly decrease the risk of injury.

—Dr. Neil McLaughlin, DC – Commonwealth Chiropractic & Wellness

It is the single best rehabilitative instrument a clinic can process to address core deficiency and chronic low back pain.

—Dr. Lawrence Gray, Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates

Everyone—no matter the user’s ability or athleticism—can benefit from the AllCore360° to address lower back pain, recover from injury, and increase overall performance.

  • NO IMPACT: Engage 50+ core muscles with isometric contractions to stimulate and strengthen the body in 360 degrees in only 10 minutes
  • EFFECTIVE: Positively impact core stability, balance, and coordination to build strength, improve balance, and increase endurance
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The AllCore360° is adjustable to multiple degrees of difficulty, allowing for recovery or training at any level

Athletes Can Redefine Their Limits

AllCore360° is a patented technology that helps athletes train all of the body’s core muscles and recover without pain.

Even professional athletes, that have extremely strong cores, have imbalances. When they ride AllCore360°, their imbalances are pointed out rapidly and they know what they need to train in an attempt to prevent injury and fix this imbalance.

Better Sports Training & Recovery with the AllCore360°
Your core is your armor—it’s essential to keep it in the best possible condition. With the AllCore360°, you will activate 50+ muscles—even the hard-to-reach deep core—to build endurance and prevent injuries with an isometric, balanced, and coordinated technique.

If you're a golfer looking to improve your clubhead speed, AllCore360° is the perfect tool to improve your posture and generate more rotational power.

Any athlete that uses rotational movements stands to benefit from AllCore360°: baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, golf, football, soccer…

AllCore360° Mention During NCAA Football Game

Oklahoma State + AllCore360º

AllCore360° on ESPN

AllCore360° on Peter Jacobsen's Podcast

Rehab While Sitting

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to move without the fear of triggering pain, AllCore360º will help you experience a level of freedom you may not have thought possible. Whether you want to get back to life as quickly as possible after an injury or surgery, or you want to gain strength and endurance while managing chronic back pain—AllCore360º can give you new power to achieve your goals.

Customize the recovery program that’s right for your injury, pain levels, and goals. AllCore360° can be customized to a client's pace—regardless of their mobility.

Here’s where AllCore360° can have an impact:

  • Overall core and strength training
  • Improve mental wellbeing and health
  • Chronic spine and lower back pain
  • Balance and coordination
  • Post-injury rehabilitation

Shepherd Center Spinal Rehabilitation


I sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury (C-6) after falling from a ladder in 2005, which has left me with various degrees of paralysis (quadriplegia). I can truthfully say that I have made definite strength progress in my core, which may be the first real core progress since leaving the Shepherd Center’s therapy program over 9 years ago. I feel my back is more stable and much more pain free since I began using this machine.

—Dave P. Spinal Cord Injury Patient

I had a massive stroke in 2003. With each ten-minute session, I see marked improvement in all areas related to my core. Not only has my breathing, endurance, and strength improved, but my balance and coordination are “waking up” … transfers (assisted and independent) are easier … I am more stable whether it be sitting or standing … and the little things I do all day every day are easier. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would see such a seemingly simple therapy render such impactful improvement.

—Susan K. Stroke Patient

Prior to using the AllCore360, I had terrible sciatic pain and my posture wasn’t the best. After using the AllCore360 for 2 months, I have lost 6 pounds of body weight, strengthened my entire core, improved my posture, and lessened my sciatic pain. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

—Holli H. Sciatic Pain

Fighter Pilot Testimonial

Don't Let Aging Slow You Down

Build a stable balanced core. Live the way you want.

With the AllCore360°, seniors can increase their core strength, balance, and endurance with a customized, no impact, isometric training program optimized for any fitness level.

AllCore360° can help improve proprioception​—your sense of where you're at in space, and sometimes referred to as the “sixth sense.” This becomes increasingly important as you age as balance and coordination can help prevent dangerous falls—the leading cause of injury-related death among adults over 65.

As you age, it’s important to understand how maintaining your quality of life will change. With core training on the AllCore360°, you can continue your independence and stay active with safe, balanced exercises that build endurance, increase your balance, and improve your overall movement.

AllCore360° – Active Health on New Day Cleveland

Grow your muscle strength, aerobic endurance, balance, and flexibility while putting minimal stress on your joints and bones.

Break a sweat and increase your overall activity levels with senior-appropriate, certified exercise that also contributes to your mental health and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES… they have 7 issued patents and several patents pending.

The core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your superficial abdominal muscles, including everything besides your arms and legs. The core has three-dimensional depth and functional movement in all three planes of motion and is incorporated in every movement of the human body.

Deep core muscles are the main structures that support your spine. These muscles are hidden beneath the exterior musculature that people typically train. These deep core muscles include the transverse abdominals, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor, and many others. When these deep core muscles are underutilized, your spine is not fully supported by its normal muscular corset, making it vulnerable to injury and chronic pain.

Yes. Isometric core exercise has been proven to be more effective when compared to dynamic core exercise.

If your AllCore360° angle is adjusted properly, you should not feel any pain. You may experience an area of tenderness upon completion of the session. This tenderness is normal and will be in the areas where your imbalances exist.

You will notice that the degree of difficulty changes as you go through one full revolution, highlighting any core imbalances or weakness. If your AllCore360° angle is adjusted properly you should experience an increased heart rate. In the 10-minute session, you are able to accomplish strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training.

Yes. Your core is the center unit of your entire body. It stabilizes your spine, pelvis, ribs and shoulders. Exercise is the best way to strengthen your core and improve your posture. The AllCore360° is designed to strengthen your entire core isometrically by forcing you to hold your body in perfect posture throughout 10 revolutions.

We recommend three 10-minute sessions per week.

There are two ways to measure progress. First, the angle at which you are able to complete 10 revolutions with perfect form. The lower the angle the stronger your core. Second, your trainer may baseline your core strength and balance and retest for improvement on a regular basis.

After a rider's core is balanced, they tend to move very quickly to lower more difficult angles, rapidly increasing their strength.

After immediately riding the AllCore360° many people feel taller and lighter. This is likely from correcting lateral spinal imbalances in their core and balance their upper body on their pelvis. Essentially improving posture in just 10 minutes.

Resist Gravity. Redefine Your Limits.