Check out the Kindle book we published—a simple but insightful 20 minute read about high intensity exercise! It's not the calories burned DURING exercise. It's the calories burned AS A RESULT OF exercise.

Your First Wealth is Health

A Health and Longevity Investment

Quantify Fitness is an investment in your health and longevity, with industry-leading ROEs—Returns on Exercise.

Rich people have money. Wealthy people have time.

How do you calculate Returns on Exercise?

Health and Fitness Improvements
(strength, VO2max, lean mass, improved posture, hormones, blood sugar control, HDL, etc.)
Time Spent Exercising
Returns on Exercise

Most Gyms Sell Access to Exercise Equipment

We Sell Measurable Results + Time

Measurably better than personal training and in much less time—we did the math so you can have the answers to staying healthy and fit—The Fitness Formula combines the best Personal Trainers, ARX, Vasper, AllCore360°, Proteus, CAR.O.L, Infrared Sauna, and Body Composition Tracking so you have a proven evidence-based approach to achieving your health and fitness goals—and takes as little as 45 minutes a week of exercise to produce measurable results!

Young or old, busy or retired, in-shape or out-of-shape—we have a solution that takes minimal time, fits in your busy schedule, and uses the most advanced exercise science to help you reach your goals.


Pricing FAQs

If I'm already signed up on a QFit Pass, will my price change with price increases?
For as long as you're an active QFit Pass member, your price will not change. So what you pay today will always be what you pay. Only if you cancel and rejoin or change services will you be subject to price increases.

Can I switch QFit Passes?
Yes, the QFit Passes are month-to-month, so you are welcome to switch, i.e., upgrade from ARX Big 3 to Big 5 or The Fitness Formula.

Does the QFit Pass automatically renew every month?
Yes, we don't require long-term commitments like other gyms, but QFit Passes will renew each month until canceled.

One caveat to that is our No Donations policy. If someone doesn't show up for four consecutive months without letting us know, we will automatically cancel the membership to open up a spot from the waitlist.

Can I schedule recurring appointments if I like to come on the same day and time every week?
Absolutely! Actually, we encourage this since it's one less thing for you to think about and it helps establish a healthy routine. Just let us know the day and time and we'll add recurring appointments for you.

What happens if I miss a week?
QFit Pass sessions are Use It or Lose It—meaning unused sessions are forfeited each week.

If I have to miss occasionally for travel, would it make more sense to purchase 5-packs?
Only if you plan to miss more than 26 weeks. The per-visit price for the QFit Pass is discounted by over 50% from the per-visit price of a 5-pack, which means you could miss 26 weeks before it would make sense to go with 5-packs.

Can I suspend my account if I'm going on vacation?
We can only suspend if you will be gone for over a month. Pricing for the QFit Pass assumes people will have to occasionally miss some weeks—see previous question.

To suspend for a month or more (up to 90-days), please send a suspension request here at least 3-days before your next renewal.

How do I cancel a QFit Pass?
To cancel, please send a cancellation request here at least 3-days before your next renewal.

The $50 enrollment fee was waived when I signed up. If I cancel and rejoin, will I be charged the enrollment fee?
Yes, the waived fee is only for new members that sign up during the free intro.