Check out the Kindle book we published—a simple but insightful 20 minute read about high intensity exercise! It's not the calories burned DURING exercise. It's the calories burned AS A RESULT OF exercise.

About Quantify Fitness

Making the World Better One Client at a Time

The Quantify Fitness approach is time-efficient. Since 2016, our clients have gotten better results than they could with traditional weight training and without the risk of injury. For best results, your body has to be given time to fully recover. The processes of recovering, adapting, improving, and getting stronger from a workout takes time—and we find our clients make progress with workouts that only take minutes a week.

Unlike a typical gym or personal training studio, we use the latest science and technology to provide the minimum effective dose of exercise using tools like AllCore360°, ARX, Vasper, CAR.O.L, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.

More exercise does not always equal better. The conventional approach to exercise utilized by the fitness industry and many personal trainers has been to figure out how much exercise can be tolerated, requiring you to spend countless hours in the gym, but this is often unsustainable and ineffective. Our evidence-based approach utilizes real science and is based on how little exercise is actually required to get the best results.

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Meet the Team

Bringing you the latest health and fitness science and research, the Quantify Fitness team consists of passionate and driven individuals who get excited to help people in the most effective and sustainable ways possible.

To work at Quantify Fitness—one of your primary purposes in life must be, “to improve the lives of others.”

josh jarrett Josh Jarrett
CEO (Chief Exercise Officer), Founder

Josh has supervised thousands of high intensity workouts as a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). He is also a human performance coach, a Certified NeurOptimal Brain Trainer, and a Health, Fitness, Data and Technology Geek.

jessica jarrett Jessica Jarrett
Trainer, Co-Founder

Jessica is a teacher by trade and helps out with the day-to-day operations at the smart-gym as well as provides the most effective 10 minute workouts on the planet! You may also occasionally see our little boys taking on the ARX machines!

eli steele Eli Steele
Smartgym Manager & Trainer

Originally from Clarksville, TN Eli is an MTSU graduate where he received his degree in Exercise Science. Working in the Health and Fitness industry ever since, Eli is a firm believer that taking one step forward today can lead to boundless opportunities tomorrow.

amy wells Amy Wells
Smartgym Trainer

A former client turned trainer, Amy is a Louisiana native who has a passion for health, longevity, and biohacking. With backgrounds in Music Business and, most recently Cryotherapy, she spends her free time learning about wellness, testing new gadgets, and having conversations about anything and everything health related. When not biohacking, she has been known to write a song or two.

amie keller Amie Keller
Smartgym Trainer

Amie is an Ohio native who moved to the Nashville area with her husband and two kids. Amie was a veterinary technician for the past 20 years but has always had a passion for health and fitness. Now as a trainer at Quantify Fitness she is able to pursue her passion and continue learning about longevity, health, and evidence-based exercise.