About Quantify Fitness

You can't make more time but you can make the most of it

The Quantify Fitness approach is time efficient. Our clients get better results than they would with traditional weight training and without the risk of injury. For best results your body has to be given time to fully recover.  The processes of recovering, adapting, improving, and getting stronger from a workout takes time and we find our clients progress with workouts that take minutes a week. 

Unlike a typical gym or personal training studio, we use the latest science and technology to provide the minimum effective dose of exercise using tools like ARX, Vasper, High Octane Ride, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.

More exercise does not always equal better. The conventional approach to exercise utilized by the fitness industry and many personal trainers has been to figure out how much exercise can be tolerated, requiring you to spend days in the gym, but this is often unsustainable and ineffective. Our evidenced-based approach utilizes real science and is based on how little exercise is actually required to get the best results.