I was introduced to Quantify at 6:45am in the morning by Erin D. The next day I was amazed at how sore I was and knew I had to try again. Read More

andee r. review

Andee R.

It only takes 10 minutes to accomplish more than you would at an hour in a regular gym! Safest resistance training I have ever seen. You can work hard without fear of injury! Link to Original Review

jason c. review

Jason C.

Josh and team are incredible. You gotta stop in for the free trial sessions. Nothing else like it. Link to Original Review

Tom H.

I hardly ever write reviews but with this I am compelled to do so because of the massive results I have achieved in a very short span of time. This workout is not only intense but the most effective I have ever experienced. All in about 12 minutes once a week! Read More

Gavin M.

Ran a 5K without pain for the first time in years! Thx @QuantifyFitness for helping me get my strength & fitness back #heatmiser #infrared Link to Original Review

Andee R.

I've never done a review on Facebook, but I feel compelled to do one about Josh and Quantify Fitness because they have made a real difference in my life. 8 months ago I decided it was time to make some changes...for me. Read More

Mell F.

Really great way to stay fit with a busy lifestyle. Link to Original Review

Carey J.

Working out for 10 minutes a week?... that's what I'm talking about! lol. You know, it's been great! My wife was just commenting on my thicker legs and my shirts are getting a little tight. It really helps to Read More

Tim C.

I found Quantify Fitness while I was looking for Bulletproof products and found that Josh had several products that I was interested in. He also offered 2 free workouts - I had one yesterday and will take another next Read More

Harry H.

I was slightly skeptical about the whole 10 minute thing. Wow! Fantastic! I'm a believer. Started out with the leg press. 1 set and my legs felt like rubber. Takes 6 sets of heavy squats to get that same feeling. Don't Read More

Brian H.

Unreal. My 18 year old son and I hit this Friday and all I can say is I couldn't stand up immediately and the (good sorta) burn lasts 3 days later. Might be more this is day 3. I would have to bust my a$$ to get a Read More

Rick W.

What a great workout! It felt like I spent 45 min in a HIIT class but I was in and out in 16 min. Josh is very patient and informed which was great because I had alot of questions. The machines where are awesome and I can easily work it into my pretty crazy schedule. Link to Original Review

Rachel S.

2 workouts in the books and I am really impressed so far! Its kind of hard to believe (i didn't until I tried!) that 3 movements in under 10 mins can give you a total body workout that's so challenging. This technology is really amazing! Go try for yourself!! Link to Original Review

Amanda N.

I travel a good bit and working out is difficult. I was a skeptic - but after running through a couple workouts at Quantify I am sold. Kicked my butt after a few minutes. 10 minutes of this stuff is no joke. I can see Read More

Marc D.

This is for real! Maximum workout benefits in 10 minutes! YES! I call this my "Working Mom Work-Out"! There's even a kid area! I'm hooked. Link to Original Review

Kristy F.

We have been twice now and are believers. It delivers and leaves you feeling like you spent hours in the gym when in fact it's only taken 10 minutes. Link to Original Review

Michael C.

My qfit journey so far: 1st Rep: This is cool, I am strong! 3rd Rep: "Please make it stop! Why are you doing this to me?" After workout/day of: "Not sure I am going to make it./What have I done to myself?" Day After: "It hurts... Read More

Chris W.

Wow! One visit and I am a believer. Finally a good workout that doesn't require hours at the gym. I am already looking forward to my next workout...ONE WEEK...yes I said ONE WEEK from now. Haven't been this excited Read More

Cora M.

I love everything about this place! This morning Josh (the owner) took time to help me with some weight loss goals. His knowledge of percentages, the right fat/protein/carb ratios to work on and crave busting suggestions helped Read More

Amy D.

Better health through science! First workout today. 6 minutes later and I felt like I often did after an hour of workouts in the gym. What I look forward to is seeing my progress over time- something that's more difficult to Read More

Peter D.

Great workout! Definitely could feel it the next day, but in a good way. Josh was great and fun to work with! Link to Original Review

Carolyn J.

The best workout you will have in the shortest amount of time, hands down. The atmosphere is great, the owner is knowledgeable, and the prices are very fair. They also have an incredible Sauna and machines you won't find elsewhere. It truly Read More

Amy W.