Check out the Kindle book we published—a simple but insightful 20 minute read about high intensity exercise! It's not the calories burned DURING exercise. It's the calories burned AS A RESULT OF exercise.

Health and Fitness Services

Effective, Efficient, Sustainable, and Safe—to meet you where you are so you can get optimal results in minimal time


Better than personal training and in much less time—we did the math so you can have the answers to staying healthy and fit—combine ARX, Vasper, CAR.O.L, and Infrared Sauna and you have a proven evidence-based approach to achieving your health and fitness goals.



ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) provides a week of strength training in 10-minutes with noticeable and quantifiable results. Select a Big 3 or Big 5 total body workout and be amazed at the results you can achieve in such a short amount of time.



Resist gravity with a 10 minute isometric workout on AllCore360° to strengthen 50+ core muscles, resulting in a toned and defined core, improved posture, correction of spinal imbalances, and reduced back pain. The isometric postural strength you build on AllCore360° also complements the rotational strength you can build on Proteus.



Only 5% of human movement is in a straight line. Proteus allows you to build functional and rotational core strength for the other 95% of movement you use going about your daily life or playing your sport. Proteus also complements the isometric core postural strength you can build on AllCore360° by introducing core rotational movements.



Vasper combines compression, cooling, and intervals to drive the production of growth and recovery hormones, delivering the most significant benefits of high-intensity exercise in an efficient low-impact 21-minute workout.



Using Cardiovascular Optimization Logic and a scientifically proven high intensity sprinting protocol, one 8 minute and 40 second ride on CAR.O.L provides the same benefits as a 45-minute jog.



Surround your body with soothing infrared sauna therapy that penetrates the body at the cellular level leaving you feeling light and vitalized – purifying your body, boosting energy and shrinking belly fat.