The Fitness Formula


Data Never Lies

We did the math so you can have the answers to staying healthy and fit.

The Fitness Formula combines ARX, Vasper, CAR.O.L, Infrared Sauna, and Body Composition Tracking and you have a proven evidence-based approach to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Get access to a unique combination of high-tech equipment that is often reserved for professional athletes, military, and research hospitals - state-of-the-art technology that is safe, fast, and incredibly effective.

All of your workouts and body composition metrics are tracked - SO YOU CAN MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS AND ENSURE YOU'RE GETTING RESULTS.

It usually doesn't take long before you can see your body change and feel the boost of energy that comes with being in better shape and improving your health. 

Real People Real Results

Mell - 50 Years Old

Since personal training with Josh at Quantify Fitness Mell has lost 60 pounds of body-fat and put on 5 pounds of muscle while going from a 40" waist down to 32" - the same size he wore in high school - all while more than doubling his strength.

personal training results for Mell

Pam - 60 Years Old

In less than 2-months of working with the personal trainers at Quantify Fitness, country music superstar diva Pam Tillis has lost 11 pounds of body-fat while increasing her strength 80%.

Ryan - 39 Years Old

Ryan's results are a great example of what happens when you exercise smarter and not longer. 

Prior to coming to Quantify Fitness Ryan was going to the gym for an hour or more a day 5-6 days a week. Since cutting his exercise down to 20 minutes a day and only 3 days a week, he has seen his body-fat percentage fall over 3 points, losing over 8 pounds of fat while putting on over 2 pounds of muscle.

personal training results for Ryan

Josh (Quantify Fitness Founder) - 40 Years Old

Josh opened Quantify Fitness in mid-2016 to help others, but selfishly he also wanted to scratch his own itch and have access to the cutting-edge equipment found at the smartgym so he could continue his own health journey.

Five years ago, Josh had very low-energy and a family history of heart disease, he  knew he had to do something. He was so exhausted every day when he got home from work that he could barely keep his eyes open to read to his three little boys.

Prior to the gym opening he started consuming all the information he could around nutrition and exercise. Moving in the direction of an anti-inflammatory ancestral diet with minimal carbohydrates and sugar, he saw his body-fat fall nearly 20 pounds along with improvements in his triglycerides and HDL, lowering his risk of heart-disease dramatically.

Since using all the equipment at the gym, he has been able to keep his body-fat at a healthy 14% while putting on almost 10 pounds of muscle over the last couple years, and improving his VO2max (aerobic capacity) nearly 30%.

personal training results for Josh

The Fountain of Youth - One of the things he's been most excited about is the improvements in his cellular age. Recently he did a blood test to measure the length of his telomeres and since opening the gym he's seen close to a 10-year improvement.