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The Fitness Formula


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quantify fitness formula

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Caroline – 44 Years Old

For the ones that are skeptical the chart below is mine. I am 44yo (45 in June) when I started my journey at Quantify Fitness last October I came in weighing 160lbs (and had the metabolic age of a 59yo, at my heaviest I was 176), as of this morning 04/10/19 I weighed in at 125.5 I have officially lost 50lbs and as of my last weigh-in I have the metabolic age of a 31yo (looking forward to next weight-in). I eat healthy, work out 3 times a week at QF, walk 1 1/2 miles 3 times a week when I’m not at QF and do core and back strengthening exercises as I have a brain and spine injury.

I was on my way to the grave due to other issues but I knew that something had to give and if I was going to make a financial sacrifice it would be to get my health back and I have no regrets. I needed to avoid re-injury as that has always derailed me in the past and I knew that QF would be the safest place after doing my research. The staff at QF are the best and no, this is not a paid advertisement. Like I’ve heard someone say before “health is the first wealth!”

caroline stats

Don – 39 Years Old

After 9 months, I am still continuing to see improvement. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life.

At first, I had a lot of hesitation to join this gym. I'm 39 years old and after going to this gym for 9 months, I have never seen results like this before. I thought there was no way that a 20 minute workout could be as beneficial as the staff was telling me.

This is hands down the best gym I've ever been involved with. The gym and staff are absolutely amazing but the results are unbelievable.Before joining this gym, I used to go to a regular local gym and workout for 2 hours a day at least 4 times a week. I now only go to this gym 3 times a week and spend no more than 30 minutes each time.

I recently went on a 5 day backcountry hiking trip carrying about 50lbs of equipment/water. Usually I would prepare for these hikes by doing specific exercises at the gym however, I specifically relied only on these workouts to give myself a real life gauge of the shape I was in and to put the workouts to a test. We hiked about 47 miles with 16,000 feet of elevation change and I wasn't sore at all (other than some blisters and my shoulders on the last day from the straps on my bag).

My overall strength as shown both through this trip and the actual comparison of results shown to me each time I work out, are crazy. My leg press alone has honestly more than doubled in 9 months! On top of that, the cardiovascular benefits I gained due to using both the VASPAR and the CAROL bike (each once a week) were one of the most impressive parts of this whole process. I was hardly out of breath even with a steady incline most of the time on the hike.

Also, about a month ago, I decided to go to a boxing gym and hit the bag to see how long I could last. I lasted 7 three minute rounds while also doing a 60 second plank between the rounds. I haven't been able to do that since I was in my 20s. It's hard to believe that these workouts work as well as they do but I can 100% vouch for them. Due to the nature of the workouts, I am constantly pushing myself to beat my results week after week.

Bill – 66 Years Old

The likelihood of hurting ourselves on the equipment here is very very small.

Mell – 50 Years Old

Since personal training with Josh at Quantify Fitness Mell has lost 60 pounds of body-fat and put on 5 pounds of muscle while going from a 40″ waist down to 32″ – the same size he wore in high school – all while more than doubling his strength.

mell before and after

Anna – 32 Years Old

I only have to devote 10 minutes of my time a week to this, as opposed to losing 4-6 hours…

Don – 75 Years Old

Don recently shared a bone scan he had done less than six months after starting ARX at Quantify Fitness. The results: from osteopenia in 2020 and 2021 to a normal 75-year-old bone density in 2022!
osteopenia reversal

Pam – 60 Years Old

In less than 2-months of working with the personal trainers at Quantify Fitness, country music superstar diva Pam Tillis has lost 11 pounds of body-fat while increasing her strength 80%.

pam tillis results

Brice – 33 Years Old

I was thinking I can do anything for 90-seconds but 60-seconds into it I was spent.

Ryan – 39 Years Old

Ryan's results are a great example of what happens when you exercise smarter and not longer.

Prior to coming to Quantify Fitness Ryan was going to the gym for an hour or more a day 5-6 days a week. Since cutting his exercise down to 20 minutes a day and only 3 days a week, he has seen his body-fat percentage fall over 3 points, losing over 8 pounds of fat while putting on over 2 pounds of muscle.

ryan body fat

Brooke – 30 Years Old

The results that we're looking for, we're finally achieving them.

Josh (Quantify Fitness Founder) – 40 Years Old

Josh opened Quantify Fitness in mid-2016 to help others, but selfishly he also wanted to scratch his own itch and have access to the cutting-edge equipment that could help him continue his own health and fitness journey.

Dealing with very low energy and a family history of heart disease, Josh knew he had to do something. He was so exhausted every day when he got home from work that he could barely keep his eyes open to read to his three little boys.

family photo 2021

Starting with consuming all the information he could around nutrition and exercise science, and moving in the direction of an anti-inflammatory diet with minimal carbohydrates and sugar, and little to no polyunsaturated seed oils (corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, sunflower, and safflower), he saw his body-fat fall by nearly 20 pounds along with improvements in metabolic health markers like his triglyceride to HDL ratio—lowering his risk of heart disease dramatically.

hdl triglyceride ratio

Since using all the smartgym equipment at Quantify Fitness, Josh has been able to continue improving his body composition, more than double his strength, increase his VO2max (aerobic capacity) by nearly 30%, and increase his testosterone by 40%.