Check out the Kindle book we published—a simple but insightful 20 minute read about high intensity exercise! It's not the calories burned DURING exercise. It's the calories burned AS A RESULT OF exercise.

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What to Expect: Measurable Results in Less Time

Effective, Efficient, Sustainable, and Safe—to meet you where you are so you can get optimal results in minimal time.

During your 2-week intro you'll get to experience AllCore360° and ARX: Get the equivalent of a 90-minute core workout in 10 minutes with AllCore360° and the equivalent of a week of strength training in 10 minutes with ARX.


Resist gravity with a 10 minute isometric workout on AllCore360° to strengthen 50+ core muscles, resulting in a toned and defined core, improved posture, correction of spinal imbalances, and reduced back pain.


Then do a 10-minute workout on ARX. By using computer-controlled motorized resistance, ARX is capable of matching the force of any user 100% of the time. This gives you the perfect rep with every rep. With perfect resistance, ARX shortens the time you need to exercise by quickly fatiguing your muscles without needing all those sets and reps like conventional exercise and dramatically increasing the safety and effectiveness of all of your workouts.

And not only will you be able to feel the results, since both AllCore360° and ARX save all your workouts, you'll be able to measure your progress over time and quantify your improvements!

The AllCore360° Experience

ARX Strength Training

AllCore360° and ARX are the next generation in exercise equipment and just a couple pieces of the FORMULA that allow you to GET THE MOST EFFECTIVE WORKOUT IN MINUTES A WEEK.

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