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    Use the scheduler below, or if you're on a mobile device you can easily schedule using the Quantify Fitness mobile app. Download the app.

  • Step 3 (Optional) - Recover and Relax in the Infrared Sauna or Get the Benefits of a 45-Minute Jog in 9 minutes on High Octane Ride

    We have a new client introductory offer for the Infrared Sauna and High Octane Ride:

You can use the scheduler above or the Quantify Fitness mobile app to schedule both of these as well. Learn more about the Infrared Sauna and High Octane Ride.

  • Step 4 - Learn What to Expect

    Choose between the guided total body Big 3 or Big 5 workout when you come in – both include computerized strength tracking to measure and guarantee progress.

Your minimum effective dose. Perfect for beginners or people just getting back into strength training.

3 multijoint compound exercises:
Leg Press
Chest Press
Row or Pulldown

Ideal for clients ready to take it up a notch and add additional push/pull exercises for extra strength and definition.

5 multijoint compound exercises:
Leg Press
Chest Press
Overhead Press or High Pull


Learn more about the equipment we use to provide the perfect amount of resistance customized for each client.

  • Step 5 - Check out our Keto-Calculator

    Coming Soon: Many people have found the ketogenic diet to be a useful strategy for weight-loss – and therapeutic for a lot of other things. Our bodies were designed to produce this internal energy sourced called ketones so the ketogenic diet is really not some new fad diet. Ketosis is the original human genetic factory setting throughout evolution when we had historically low carbohydrate intake in comparison to the Standard American Diet and an uncertainty of external calories.

A modern day abundance of sugar and carbohydrates has made us carbohydrate dependent sugar burners, where our main fuel source has become carbohydrates and our fat burning machinery has quit working effectively.

The benefit of the ketogenic diet are well established and if you want to learn more, check out this post on Mark Sisson's blog, Mark's Daily Apple.