Personal Training Method.

The minimum effective dose.

The Quantify Fitness personal training method offers measurable results using a unique, slow-motion, high-intensity resistance training method completed in as little as 10 minutes per week – Learn more about how that's possible. Clients wanting to improve their fitness without sacrificing all their time can replace all those hours at the gym using ARX, the most effective fitness equipment on the planet.

ARX is the first exercise technology created that safely and perfectly accommodates any user’s force output, measuring it accurately throughout the entire range of motion while using tracking software to provide motivation and quantify progress over time. By utilizing a motorized drive system, ARX equipment delivers perfectly-matched resistance 100% of the time. Unlike metal weights that fail to accommodate your changing levels of strength, the resistance provided by ARX can never be excessive or inadequate.

We now know how to apply the right kind of physical activity that will bring forth a balance of the catabolic and anabolic states, a type of activity that will enhance our fitness without undermining our health.Doug McGuff, M.D.


Improve strength and muscle tone
Increases metabolism – greater fat-burning potential
Improve energy levels
Increase functional ability
Improve cardio-vascular fitness
Increase flexibility
Improve natural hormonal levels
Bone loss prevention
Increase self-confidence and mental focus