3 Essential Steps to Health and Longevity

Most of what you've been told about exercise and nutrition has been wrong. It's not about burning more calories and starving yourself. Your body is way too smart for that.

health and longevity

If you've ever been on the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster while trying to burn more calories at the gym, slowing down your metabolism and putting more weight on than before you started, you're not alone.

The statistics are alarming:

  • 85% of people that are obese or overweight are able to lose a significant amount of weight in their life
  • BUT within one year, 70% will put it all back on, within two years that number goes to 85%, and within three years it's 95%
  • That means diets have a 95% failure rate!
  • And of those people around 50% will add more weight back on than they initially lost!

Fat loss is a side-effect of feeling good

Here are 3 tips that will not only help you feel good and lose body-fat but are also sustainable and backed by real science to improve health and longevity:

1. Don't Be Sedentary

If you have a desk job, make a habit of getting up every 30-60 minutes to do a lap around the office.

There's no science to support needing 10,000 steps on your fitness tracker, that actually originated from a marketing campaign in Japan over 50 years ago to sell more pedometers, but getting 4500-7500 steps a day has been shown to boost longevity.

Take an evening stroll to get a little more activity.

2. Exercise (And Recover) Smarter

Exercise is not about burning calories. It's about optimizing your hormones and boosting the good hormones like growth hormone and testosterone (even women need testosterone to thrive) without increasing the ones that are harmful if chronically elevated, like cortisol.

Lift weights to create more lean body mass and improve insulin sensitivity (blood-sugar control), do safe high-intensity exercise, allow the appropriate amount of recovery between workouts, and get good sleep.

3. Quit eating crap like excess sugar, refined carbohydrates, and vegetable oils

Eliminating the crap is often 80% of the battle, which is why a lot of diets always seem to work in the beginning. The problem is most diets aren't sustainable.

We Digest Food, Not Burn It
The number of calories in food has nothing to do with how the body metabolizes that food. That number only tells you how many calories of heat-energy is created by burning that food in a specialized furnace. A can of cola (that contains 10 teaspoons of sugar) has about the same number of calories as a small salad with olive oil and vinegar. A calorie is not a calorie.

The key is being able to control your weight by controlling your appetite with a low carb lifestyle so you're not so fixated on food.

Join us on a mission to live long and healthy!

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