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Introducing The Joovv Room – Red Light Therapy

by Quantify Fitness | Last Updated:  January 15, 2017

Introducing The Joovv Room! Red light therapy free for all Quantify Fitness clients.

Approved by the FDA and studied by NASA, red light stimulates healthy cellular activity and can help you look younger, heal faster, and feel better.

joovv room

Some of the many benefits of red light therapy include:

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of a specific wavelength of 660 nanometers (nm)

What began as a way to limit the bone and muscle loss of astronauts soon had proven its effectiveness so thoroughly that by 2010, the technology had been tested in numerous published studies. For example, in a double-blind placebo clinical trial involving bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, participants experienced a 45% reduction in pain compared to the group of control patients.

Several other studies have demonstrated that red light therapy significantly reduces facial wrinkles. Even the FDA has recognized that red light therapy has been “scientifically shown to affect skin structure…by reducing wrinkles for months after treatment, which may be the result of new collagen formation or reorganization or repair of elastin damage.’’ In fact, the FDA has approved red light therapy for the treatment of minor pains, mild arthritis, and many other conditions.

With the Joovv red lights, you can reap the rewards of red light therapy in less than 4 minutes a day.

How soon can I expect results from the Joovv red lights?

This will depend on your symptoms. Most people will see benefits like pain relief and wound healing very quickly. While skin health, like reducing wrinkles, can take 8-12 weeks.

How often will I have to use the Joovv red lights to maintain results?

Studies have shown that cells respond best to a dosage of about 5 Joules of energy once or twice per day. At a distance of 12” away, both the Joovv Light and Joovv Light Mini will produce this amount of energy in just 5 minutes!

For deeper tissue repair, such as joints or muscle pain, relief will require higher levels of energy, sometimes up to 120 Joules. But the Joovv red lights are so powerful that if these troublesome areas are held just 3” away from the device, 120 Joules of healing red light will take only 8 minutes!

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