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Why pound the pavement when you get the cardio for free?

by Quantify Fitness | Last Updated:  February 25, 2022

Athletes spend enormous amounts of time to improve their aerobic capacity—aka VO2max. A 15% improvement is often cited as being at the high-end of what most people can expect with proper training.

vo2max improvements

In a 12-week randomized control trial at Western Colorado University, the group that did ARX for 15 minutes per workout improved their VO2max by 15.2% ON AVERAGE! And the group that did traditional strength training only improved 4.7%.

So not only did the ARX group get significantly stronger (~2X) in 67% less time—they also improved their VO2max by over 3X! No pavement-pounding cardio exercise required!

That's what you call exercising smarter! 🦾📈

arx is cardio

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