Private Low Occupancy
By Appointment Only
6ft or More Between Machines
Machines Cleaned After Every Client
Average Workout Only Takes 10 Minutes
Hand-Sanitizer Upon Entering
No One Sick Permitted to Workout
Multiple PECO Technology Air-Purifiers able to reduce concentrations of bacteria and viruses in the air by > 99.99% and destroy pollutants 1000x smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA

The Tiger Sprint Workout

by Quantify Fitness | Last Updated:  April 8, 2020

This next workout in our home workout series is called The Tiger Sprint Workout. You can do this one on days you would normally do CAR.O.L.

Just like CAR.O.L, this one is all about short, intense​ sprints. If you're wondering why it's called Tiger Sprint, it has nothing to do with the train-wreck Tiger King show on Netflix. 😲 We named it Tiger Sprint because we included CAR.O.L's calming voice with that same saber tooth tiger chasing you!​

Have fun! Don't let the tiger get you! #yourfamilyneedsyou

The Tiger Sprint Workout

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